Thursday, June 23, 2011

Female Role Models: Snooki vs. Samantha Stevens

I grew up wanting to be “bewitching” like Samantha, “lost in space” like Penny, and cleverly kick-butt like Agent 99. Those were my role models on TV, some of the females most revered in popular culture at the time. They were women and girls who used their wits (ok, and a little witchcraft) to save the day. Samantha was forever saving the bumbling Darren and his advertising accounts at McMann & Tate -usually on her wits alone. Penny was a space pioneer battling aliens and a wily Dr. Smith. Secret Agent 99 used her cunning and martial arts skills to get Maxwell Smart out of countless jams.

Fast forward 20 some years after my childhood (OK, 30…oh alright! 40!) and who do our young girls see capturing the media’s airtime and the public’s attention and admiration? The first female speaker of the house? Not so much. Female journalists? Only if they are on the E! network or TMZ. Women who lead the way in medicine, education or environmentalism? Not unless you count renaming cocaine “gum” once it’s found in your purse as a medical breakthrough or see turning “leaked” sex tapes into high-paying stardom as recycling and repurposing.

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