Friday, August 26, 2011

Sitting Empty In A Soon-To-Be- Eggless Nest!

As I write this, I am not only going through menopause, but my twin sons – my only children, my youngest and oldest – are leaving the nest. As you read this, they will have just moved into dorms at separate colleges. I am sitting eggless in what is about to be an empty nest. While I am both very excited and nervous for them — and for me — it doesn’t seem real. Doesn’t seem possible. Then I look at the tuition and housing bills, and I realize it’s all as real as I now know Kim Kardashian’s “back story” is since she made the wise and tasteful decision of having it X-rayed on TV to clear up any doubt. (I know Iam sleeping better since she took that brave step, and I have to imagine the rest of the country is, too.)

Please read the rest here. It's my monthly guest column for Health Bistro and! To all my friends on the east coast, best wishes for riding out Irene! I will likely be unable to comment due to power loss for days, possibly weeks, but really appreciate your readership!