Monday, July 6, 2009

Today Is National Fried Chicken Day!

Today we celebrate fried chicken – a most wonderful and Ungirdled entrée.  In honor of this day, I am going to give you my aunt’s favorite method for preparing fried chicken for company (this recipe has never failed her):


  Enough flour to dust your kitchen counter plus a little for your apron

  Pan of oil on stovetop

  Warm oven

  Couple of buckets of your favorite carry-out chicken from your grocer (or restaurant)

Just before your guests arrive, you or your significant other pick up freshly-fried chicken from your favorite outlet.  Break off a few bits of the coating into your pan of oil on top of the stove, dump the warm chicken into an oven-proof serving dish and place in warm oven, loosely covered with foil.  Put on your apron and dust it and your counter with flour, and be very sure to dispose of the carry-out containers.  My aunt has even gone so far as to fry one of the pieces of chicken in the oil to get the house smelling like fresh fried chicken.  That’s one smart chick!

Fried chicken is a beautiful thing, as it is an easy, affordable way to feed a crowd at a family reunion, picnic, pool party or while tailgating.  It can be enjoyed hot or cold.  One of life’s best and most simple pleasures is taking a bucket to the beach to enjoy at sunset.  You can use the empty bucket to make sandcastles!  Why not prepare my aunt's recipe tonight?  Here are some ideas for side dishes you can use similar preparation methods for:



  Deviled eggs

  Potato salad

  Green beans


  Black-eyed peas

•  Tomato-cucumber salad


•  Mashed potatoes

  Banana pudding

  Peach cobbler

  Sweet potato pie

  Corn on the cob


Here is  the perfect little ditty to celebrate today and a great, fun summer read, Southern Fried Divorce. The above image of Southern Fried Chicken can be found on magnets, recipe cards and recipe journals designed by Ungirdled Passion's creator and illustrated by Vicki Bruner by clicking here.



  1. As soon as I saw your headline I knew what I would do for the problem of tonight's dinner which I was just perplexing over. Pick up yummy fried chicken from Farm Fresh. And low and behold, I knew an Ungirdled Woman would no doubt agree it to be the best way to enjoy fried chicken! Love your Grandma's recipe!

  2. You can't beat a recipe like Grandma's

  3. Um...every day is fried chicken day.

  4. Linlah & Doug - you are both SO RIGHT! Still, Doug, it is such a glorious food it really DOES deserve it's own day, dontcha think? Holly - I am on my way to Farm Fresh to do the same! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Love it...Haven't fried my own chicken in years and Sarah Lee does my pies...she needs to make the crust a little messy so it looks like I made it...

  6. Sylvia - great marketing idea for them! Sara Lee should take it and run with it!

  7. I didn't realize it was a holiday or I would have stayed home from work. It was just blind luck on my part that I happen to have fried chicken for lunch. Add to your list of accompaniments waffles and maple syrup (chicken on top of waffle syrup over the whole dang thing.)

  8. My Daily List - I declare, talk of taking off work for Fried Chicken day and eating the sacred food atop waffles with syrup! Your wife found a prize when she found you!

  9. Love it and love your blog :-) I believe I am, indeed, living the life of an ungirdled woman - except, good lord, I referred to a hot flash as a power durge just the other day! Please forgive me.

    Oh! And fried chicken is a beautiful thing. Nice to meet you.

  10. LOL! This cracked me up...I love fried chicken, too, but I can never successfully make my own. We always end up picking some up at the local grocery store (the prices aren't bad either for hot fried chicken) whenever we're in the mood for it.