Thursday, January 27, 2011

How Do Raw Sewage, Crazy-Daisy Spewed Vomit and Rotten Pumpkin Add Up To The Ideal Valentine?

Find out here! It's my monthly guest column for the good folks at Lifescript and Health Bistro. I'd love for my Ungirdled sisters (and brothers!) to leave a comment on your ideal Valentine at the end of the post there.

Need a spiffy card or festive Valentine's banner? You can find them here! The photo at right shows one available.

Need a gift for your special Valentine? How about a personalized pet print? Details here!

Do you need a break from my shameless plugging of my etsy shop? Yeah, me too. Let's go over to Health Bistro for a visit, and you can let me know about some of your most memorable Valentine's moments or what makes your special someone your ideal Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day! I love my readers every day!

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