Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Holidays Ungirdled Friends!!

The Creative Wedge at Hilltop West Shopping Center
in Virginia Beach. You will love it! Cutest gifts ever - 
like a etsy store come to life AND gourmet wines and
cheeses! All either handcrafted or made in the USA
This holiday season, I am grateful for all my wonderful ungirdled girlfriends (as well as my husband, children, family, good health, home, beloved Bogie dog, brownies and the newly-expanded Total Wine store down the street!) I wish all of you a wonderful, happy, healthy, peaceful, blessed holiday season and 2014!

If you're still looking for a great girlfriend gift, may I humbly suggest "Aging With Ungirdled Passion" on amazon? Scroll through the Ungirdled Passion facebook page for some great ideas for pairing the book (it's really a great price, I think you'll agree) with another appropriate gift item your girlfriend will cherish. If you wanna go ahead and "like" the page while you're there, I wouldn't mind a bit. Rumor is you automatically lose 5 pounds when you do! (It's a rumor I'm starting right here.)

You can buy "Aging With Ungirdled Passion" online here at amazon (who ships really fast) or if you're in Virginia Beach, a really cool, new shop, The Creative Wedge at Hilltop West, is now carrying it! This is a really great shop you don't want to miss - everything they sell is either handcrafted or made in the USA. All kinds of great gift items, wine and gourmet cheeses! If they had buff cabana boys serving you brownies as they massaged your shoulders, you'd confuse it with heaven.

Thanks so much to Morgan Chase and Cathy Lewis who had me as a guest on my FAVORITE local radio show yesterday, "HearSay With Cathy Lewis," and all the wonderful, supportive friends who were more than generous for listening and saying such kind things after the show. Love that show, and Cathy Lewis is a marvel - warm, funny, gracious, firing on all cylinders as she does 17 things at once. I want to be her when I grow up.

Thanks so much for your wonderful support and friendship! Have a fabulous holiday season, and remember, the tree isn't the only thing to be lit during the holidays! Make spirits bright WITH spirits - gin, vodka, tequila for example - in a fun, responsible way! 'Tis the season!


  1. Wow, Thanks Tracy! It was great seeing you last night... you and your friends were so fun. Thanks for your support... we're happy to be carrying your hilarious book!

  2. I am honored to have such a wonderful shop carrying "Aging With Ungirdled Passion," Barbara! Everyone loved The Creative Wedge! So many great things to discover - I want it all! You and Sloane are such nice, fun and gracious hosts and shop owners which is the cherry on top of a fabulous sundae!