Monday, October 26, 2009

Ungirdled Finds For Fall (And An Overdue Apology!)

(I know. I know. It’s been a loooong time. A real long time since I’ve posted, and I apologize. Truth is, I’ve been busy working on a shop on (if you haven’t visited, you really should – sooo much cool stuff by thousands of great artists and crafters. I’ll post more on my humble little etsy shop once I get it all set up.

The reason I began work on an etsy shop is because, while I have found it really fun and personally rewarding to write this blog, I found out that blogging pays very little in the way of cash, moola, dinaro. At least for me. The upside is that I have made so many new friends and met so many wonderful folks – readers and bloggers - from literally all over the world! Everyone has been so kind and supportive. I wish mortgage companies, car insurance companies and colleges would accept blog love as payment, because I am truly grateful to have received so much of it, but alas, they won’t. So what I decided to do was try another way to make some serious coin and blog every once in a vs. several times a week. So that is what I shall do. I greatly appreciate you and thank you for your continued friendship, encouragement and Ungirdled Passion!)

Fall Fashion Find!

Don't you love flower pins? I have found a great source I wanted to share: a wonderful artisan named Wendy Allen selling under the name Miss Fitt & Company. See her goodies here. I bought the three pins pictured below. They are listed under “bits and bobs.” Wendy crafts them so they work as a pin or bobby pin. I bought a similar type of pin at J. Crew for twice the price and I love hers more. I am pinning mine on jackets, scarves, and purses - maybe even shoes! There are three types of flowers and lots of color combinations. These are the three I chose:

My pins arrived promptly, and I think were even prettier than pictured. (Each pin varies since they are handcrafted.) I am now jonesing for one of her Hibiscus Mufflers:

Ungirdled Fall Food Find!

We recently (FINALLY!) had a Trader Joe’s open in our city. I have discovered many things there my family loves. We love their Rosemary Ham (in the cold cut section) with their asiago cheese slices on a sandwich. Their Southwestern Chicken Quesadillas grilled on your stovetop and served with their fresh salsa (I call it pico de gallo) and homemade quacamole are out of this world. I concocted a new favorite recipe that is really easy (Ungirdled) and the perfect food for fall and winter colds using their Thai Shrimp Gyoza (I call ‘em pot stickers). You can find them in a gold bag in the frozen section. (If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you, you could substitute frozen potstickers from your grocery store.) I use two bags for my family of four, because we are part pig. We usually have some leftover for a lunch or two the next day.

Ungirdled Gyoza (Potstickers)

• Two 16 oz. bags Trader Joe’s Thai Shrimp Gyoza

• 1 bag shredded broccoli slaw from the produce section

• 4 teaspoons minced garlic or to taste (I use the kind in a jar from the produce section)

• 2 teaspoons minced ginger or to taste (Again, I use the kind in a jar from the produce section)

• Chopped green onion for garnish (plus it’s good!)

• 3 cans chicken broth (more if you want a lot of broth!)

• Few dashes sesame oil

• 3-4 tablespoons peanut or canola oil

• Soy sauce

To accommodate all the potstickers from two bags, I use too large nonstick skillets. Divide and preheat the peanut or canola oil along with a dash or two of sesame oil in each skillet. Place Gyoza flat side down and sauté on medium high heat for four minutes or until skins turn slightly brown. In the meantime, mix chicken broth, ginger, garlic and a few dashes of soy sauce together in a large bowl. When potstickers have turned slightly brown, divide and top them with the broccoli slaw. Divide and pour the chicken broth mixture over each skillet. Cover skillets, reduce heat and let it all steam up for 6 or 7 minutes then serve topped with green onions. Those who like things hot can add red pepper flakes. This hot, garlicky, gingery broth is just what the doctor ordered for a cold, and it's really tasty! Enjoy!

Photos from the Miss Fitt website:


  1. Our Trader Joe's opened about a year ago - and I am SO happy they did! I love that store!!

  2. I hear ya! Good food and great prices! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. We don't have a Trader Joe's either and I so wish we did! Your recipe looks wonderful.
    I miss you. I understand your reasons for not blogging much though.

  4. Thanks, Debbie! I'm glad you continue to give readers have a great, consistent blog to follow!