Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Call To Arms – Actually Legs & Va-jay-jays – For The Younger Generation

Ungirdled sisters, take note: the younger generation desperately needs our help when it comes to dressing for success. I am no fashion maven, and the last thing I want to do is come off snooty and judgmental, but I have noticed too many young ladies stumbling in stilettos and micro-minis at school and other events that call for “business” or “professional” attire

When attending school events such as debates, awards dinners, Model UN, etc. I have noticed that business dress for young men translates to ties, trousers, button-down dress shirts and jackets. For the ladies, it seems to mean wearing the shortest skirt and the highest heels you can find. (The ability to walk in said shoes is not a priority.) The dresses and skirts I’ve seen young women wear provide little more coverage than the paper ones gynecologists issue for yearly exams. In fact, many young ladies look as though they are ready for their close-ups in that area while attending such events. I know, I know. They get the message to dress this way from magazines, "reality" shows, all the media images they're bombarded with. Bless their hearts. They obviously live in homes with no Ungirdled woman present to counter these messages and set them straight. To help these poor, misinformed souls, I’ve come up with tips for teen girls dressing for success and invite you to add to it.

Skanky is not the new black in professional dress, unless you’re dressing for success in the world’s oldest profession.

The shorter the skirt, the lower your heel should be. Really.

Your skirt should be at least as long as it is wide. I recently saw a young woman participating in a serious academic contest in a skirt that was really and truly wider than it was long. It was seriously wrong.

To those in business settings, the more skin you show = the less you know. Showing of skin does not equal maturity and business acumen. Not lying here.

Exhibit and highlight your knowledge, charm, and humor. Not your va-jay-jay.

• Just because you are wearing cocktail attire, it does not trick anyone into thinking you're legally old enough to drink a cocktail

A sundress and thong sandals does not equal business savvy.

• Katharine Hepburn did us a big favor decades ago and made it just fine to wear pants in a business setting. They are an option for professional dress. A GOOD one.

I love cute shoes as much as the next girl, but trust me, being able to walk in your shoes will always trump wearing really high heels in so many ways.

I give these tips in a spirit of love and the hope that it will help young women be taken seriously and become valued for their academic capabilities and depth of character rather than their length of skirt. In "short" (pardon the pun) to succeed in the business world: Be an asset; don't show your ASSets, or be an eager beaver instead of showing yours.

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  1. Amen! "Skanky is not the new black" is one of my favorite lines I've read in a while!

  2. Totally true. And I CANNOT refrain from reading "assets" like ass-ets, because I'm mature like that.

  3. As long as it is wide-good rule of thumb! Sage advice!!

  4. hee hee I agree with Grethen, the "Skanky is not the new black"..great line.
    Hope the ART CLICK READ this...love it