Friday, January 29, 2010

Check Out Great Website For The Ungirdled!

I was asked to do a monthly guest column at Health Bistro. You really need to check it out – not for my sake, but because is has a lot of really great stuff on there for us Ungirdled women. Things like “5 Worst Things For Your Gut,” “Anti-Aging Recipes” “Low Libido? It Could Be Diabetes,” and lots more. Of course, if you want to add a comment at the bottom of my column like “This is the best post EVER!” or “This woman (who I've never heard of until now) is a GENIUS!” I won’t mind a bit!

They asked to run a revamped column on my now-famous wattle. The accompanying photo was taken about five years ago, just as my wattle was coming in. I was not about to include one featuring my wattle. I am Ungirdled, not stupid. Click here to read it.

Thanks for taking a look! Have a great weekend and stay warm! Looks like we’re going to get REAL snow big time here in Virginia Beach!

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