Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Fever - What Are Your Symptoms?

This week we welcomed spring, and everyone I know is happy about it. Seems like this winter in particular was a messy, sloppy, irritating houseguest who long overstayed his welcome. As a result, many are catching spring fever, and I've realized we each present our own unique “symptoms” with this bug. Today I cover four I’ve recently observed. Do you have one of these particular symptoms? Find out here. It's my monthly guest column for the way-cool Health Bistro blog. I'd love to hear about your particular spring fever symptoms at the end of the post there. Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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  1. I love the sunshine. My favorite is a warm day with a light, cool breeze. I love to walk when it is like that. I also love beautiful, green lawns with colorful flowers. I want to get my iPod, shorts and sneakers and walk while enjoying the beauty.

    I am not enjoying the allergies with spring coming, however. They have been bad lately.

    I am in California and am a middle-school teacher. I loved that I could leave my door open most of the day. Late afternoon, however, I kept feeling hot. I was a bit stressed also. I asked one of my students if it was hot or was I just getting old. Thankfully, she felt it was warm in the room also. Menopause is here and I can do without the flashes.