Friday, May 27, 2011

Forget TMI; These Days There Can Be TMP

My pulse quickens. My hands shake. My colon tightens. I begin to sweat profusely. I can’t believe it’s happening again. I’ve just received a message that a friend has “tagged” a photo of me on facebook.

My mind races as my fingers fly across the keyboard. What event did I recently attend where someone had a camera? Or did my “friend” post a shot from back in the day that would be best hidden from the view of my children, my mother and local authorities? How quickly can I logon and view the photo and then “untag” it before everyone on my friend list (forget everyone on the friend’s friend list) can see the wattle and the roll of fat I fear is showing.

These are the worries in the age of TMP: Too Much Photography.

Seems everywhere you go these days, (read the rest here. Thanks for visiting!)

1 comment:

  1. I have actually made someone untag me before. Didn't realize I could do it myself. Thanks for the tip!!