Friday, May 22, 2009

Have A Happy Period! (Really!)

A fun, budget-friendly & easy-to-make gift idea for your girlfriends who are still menstruating!  Also, a sweet new book for the children in your life!

Don’t those commercials for feminine hygiene products with the tagline, “Have A Happy Period,” bug you?  AS IF.  Periods are never happy – until now!!

Here's an idea for making a special gift for your best girlfriend that will actually allow her to “have a happier period!” Wouldn't it be fun if tampons and maxi pads came with happy little messages like fortune cookies?! 

You'll need to purchase a box of the tampons or pads your friend likes. Snoop around her bathroom the next time you’re over to find out her faves.  Then, just copy and print out the messages below, cut them into strips, and roll them around tampons, securing  with rubber bands or a little piece of clear tape.  For maxi pads, just fold the messages and tuck them inside each pad’s wrapper.  (If you want to get really fancy, you can print the messages on home printer labels.) After adding a message to each tampon or pad, close the box and place a bow – red of course – on the outside.  Won’t your girlfriend’s “monthly gift” be much more fun with this thoughtful, useful gift from you?!  Here are messages to start you off.  I'm sure you'll come up with a few of your own:

  Congratulations!  This is your license to eat unlimited amounts of chocolate and bitch a lot!

  Honey, red is your color!

  Good news!  You can still go horseback riding!

  Confucius say:  When red tide come in, is best to go with flow.

  Good news!  You can still go swimming! 

  Confucius say:  She who see red is lucky.  Means she will not be seeing pink or blue!

  Sometimes periods feel more like exclamation points! 

  Cheer up!  It could be a diaper you’re changing!

  The way periods affect our moods, they should call these INSANE-itary napkins!

•  Have a bloody good day, mate!

  When you stop having periods it’s called menopause.  Lucky for you, having your period means:  Men.  On pause.  No need to have a headache tonight!

  Where’s Moses when you need him to part the red sea?

  Today’s horoscope:  don’t wear white pants.

Need a gift for a child in your life?  Try this sweet, beautiful book, Annatasia Pickering written and illustrated by two wonderful women I know!  Read about them and get a preview of the first few pages by clicking  here.

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  1. That is twisted, Tracy. And absolutely hilarious. You may actually have a marketable product here. Call them "Fortune Coochies" or something.

    Great stuff, glad I wandered by!