Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ungirdled Celebrity Of The Week:

Paula Deen is the Ungirdled Celebrity of the week!  (You’ll see why she was chosen for this particular week tomorrow.)

Most of you know Paula is an accomplished restaurateur, cookbook author and Emmy-winning star of several Food Network shows.  She even co-starred in the movie Elizabethtown with Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst!  She has recently announced she will have her own syndicated talk show beginning in September 2009.  You can read and learn more about Paula at her website.  If you read her autobiography, It Ain't All About the Cookin', you’ll learn, in Ungirdled (and I mean UNGIRDLED) detail all about her Ungirdled ways.  The really cool thing about Paula (and there are many cool things) is that she is a self-made woman who achieved all her success later in life.  She survived some turbulent times (again, read her book for more – wikipedia also has an informative entry on her) and she came out a fighter, earning every bit of her many achievements.  Here’s what makes Paula Ungirdled:

   She ain’t afraid of no stinkin’ calories.  Or fat.  Or cholesterol.  Or added sugar.  When asked if she’s worried about the generous amount of fat and calories in her dishes (“a stick of butter, always a stick of butter,” is an ingredient in most of her recipes), she is known to happily reply, “I’m your cook, not your doctor!”

  She always seems determined to have the most fun of anyone in the room and makes it a party wherever she is.  She seems to genuinely like everyone she meets.

  When asked what the worst part of being a celebrity is, she answered, “When you don't look your best and someone recognizes you and all you can do is say ‘Oh, crap’ and go on.”

  Like me, she knows Harry Connick Jr. is all that AND a box of hot Krispy Kremes.  (OK, that doesn’t qualify her as Ungirdled so much as it does really,  really, really smart.)

  She does what she wants to do, without worrying what people will say.  See the accompanying video clip for proof: (I choose this clip from many of her on YouTube because it is especially appropriate for this week on Ungirdled Passion.)

Click Here For Paula - Living With Ungirdled Passion!


If you didn't catch her on The View earlier this year, check this out (about six minutes):

Paula Ungridled on The View!

Don't you wish she was your neighbor!


  1. as you know i am a chef in training and i got my biggest inspiration from julia childs but then i met paula deen 2 yeras ago and she changed my life..now i am taking abusiness course while doing culinary and pan to open my own bakery/bbq place called beauty and the beast...(i am the beauty and my fiancee is beast on the grille, smoker and all other meat cooking aapliances)
    She is as real as they come and i am blessed that she chose to talk to me. so KUDOS to the UNGIRDLED PAULA DEEN!! Who made us all say screw the diet...GIMME BUTTER

  2. Good for you! Let me know when you open and I will come and dine! I think she is equally as lucky to talk to you!

  3. Our blogs are sisters - I swear. I just added you to my favorites.