Friday, May 15, 2009

Let’s Not Panic – YET.

(First of "Feedback Fridays" - Krispy Kreme alternatives & one VERY SPECIAL t-shirt!)

We Ungirdled Women are nothing if not adaptable, resourceful, innovative improvisers.  I believe when faced with possible catastrophe, you should have an emergency plan so you can be prepared for the worst, should it come.  So that is just what the Ungirdled Sisterhood shall do.

We must face the truth.   We may very well lose Krispy Kreme.  How can we prepare?  By having some worthy substitutes for the little pieces of heaven known as hot Krispy Kreme glazed donuts ready in our snacking arsenals.  True, nothing will be as good.  But let’s not let that stop us from working together to come up with the best tasting alternatives we can. I URGE YOU TO LEAVE YOUR KRISPY KREME REPLACEMENT SUGGESTIONS AS COMMENTS (just click the word "comments" below this post), and together, we can weather this storm, should it actually come ashore.  YES, WE CAN!

Here are my two offerings:  Krispy Kreme Donut Bread Pudding (see Wednesday’s post) made with the best glazed donuts you can find at your grocery store.  My second idea is Panera Bread’s Cinnamon Crunch Bagels, lightly toasted, with their honey walnut cream cheese.  I get these whenever we have out-of-town guests.  I have learned not to buy them the night before, but the morning of the PLANNED eating time, as they are devoured before morning if I get them too early.  Again, not as good as a hot Krispy Kreme – those NEVER have made it out of the Krispy Kreme parking lot – but a decent substitution. 

To make up for breaking the sad news about Krispy Kreme to you this week,


At least it did me.

Longtime friend and alert follower Jewel called attention to this gem on Facebook yesterday.  I urge you to go to this link for the three wolf moon t-shirt, look at the product, and then read the reviews (you can either click 108 customer reviews or scroll to the bottom of the page.  YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY).  You might also get a kick out of what "customers who viewed this item also viewed."  


HERE'S A FUN PARTY IDEA:  buy one of the Three Wolf Moon t-shirts in XL, print out the various reviews on card stock, have party guests pick one from a hat, give them 15 minutes to practice their review, and have each of them stick in some Billy-Bob teeth and take turns donning the shirt and giving the review in the manner they think the review's author would want it delivered.  As they do this, videotape them for a "commercial" you’ll share later with them on CD or DVD burned on your computer!  If folks don't have their own set of Billy Bob teeth (makes me wonder why you're friends with them if they don't) you can use black olives over some of your front teeth to create a pretty nice black or knocked-out tooth effect.  See!  You don't need Martha Stewart for entertaining ideas if you have me!

I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE for making my first week of blogging so much fun!  Everyone has been so nice, so welcoming and encouraging!  I feel the love and shoot it right back atcha!  I realize I still have TONS to learn and I’m so grateful you’re along for the ride.  I have been visiting lots of other blogs (A special thanks to Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat for giving me a shout-out in their post today!  Check them out!  Great, fun blog!  I will continue to add to my list of favorites on my blogroll in my complete profile – just click “view my complete profile” on the left.)  I have noticed other bloggers include a FAQs section for their readers in their profiles, so even though I’m new, I wanted to do the same for you, so mine now appears to the left.  I think I have also figured out, for the many of you who have asked, how to add a gadget for you to easily get email subscriptions!  Tryout the button in the upper left corner of this window.  Thanks for subscribing/following/bookmarkin' and telling others!  Thanks to you, word seems to spreadin' as quickly as my Ungirdled behind!

Thanks for all the love!  Have a great weekend!  See you Monday!  DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE YOUR KRISPY KREME SNACK ALTERNATIVE AS A COMMENT BELOW!


  1. A can of chocolate frosting while sitting in a parking lot is a great alternative. If you have a spoon in the car that's great but it's also entirely proper (even crafty) to bend the protective foil lid into a half moon shape and use it to shovel the frosting into your mouth.


  2. Rebecca is indeed as crafty and innovative as she is Ungirdled! She has a great blog - take a look at it on her link above! Great suggestion! PLUS chocolate frosting has a long shelf life!

  3. I prefer uncooked Pillsbury cookie dough. No spoon needed there as well. Just cut off one end and go at it.

  4. Thanks, Jewel, for reminding us of the ecstasy that is eating cookie dough! How could I have forgotten it?! You have provided us with much to be grateful this week from this suggestion to the discovery of the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt!

  5. there is a coffee and tea shop in williamsburg va that makes the best chocolate ganache is too die for and they have hand made me forget all other pastries because they hand make a lemon cream cheese danish that blows krispy right outta the water... i use them in bread pudding also and top with warm blueberry compote...honey thats from a true ungirdled chef...

  6. chefmom - you got me all excited with your suggestions! My heart started palpitatin' thinking about lemon cream cheese danish bread pudding with blueberry compote - and HEALTHY, too considering all that fruit! Check out chefmom's blog at for more delectable eats and gorgeous photos of them!