Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whoopi Goldberg: Ungirdled Celebrity Of The Week!

Ungirdled hair, Ungirdled words, Ungirdled heart, Ungirdled talent.  There are so many reasons to love Whoopi Goldberg: her many wonderful roles in movies (over 100) and on Broadway, her comedy routines, her charitable work, and her enviable patience with the yet-to-be-Ungirdled Elisabeth Hasselback on The View. 

Whoopi is one of only ten people who can claim the honor of winning an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony Award, as well as a Daytime Emmy Award!  She was the first woman to host the Academy Awards solo!  She also has her own production company.

For decades, Whoopi has tirelessly worked for a host of charitable and community causes including AIDS, children’s issues, healthcare, homelessness and substance abuse.  She has said, “I fear waking up one morning and finding out that my life was for nothing. We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark.”

More Ungirdled Quotes From Whoopi:

“Normal is in the eye of the beholder.”

“Normal is nothing more than a cycle on a washing machine”

“. . . what I am is a humanist before anything -- before I'm a Jew, before I'm black, before I'm a woman. And my beliefs are for the human race -- they don't exclude anyone.”

“An actress can only play a woman. I'm an actor, I can play anything.”

“That's the thing about Mother Nature, she really doesn't care what economic bracket you're in.”

"I am an artist; art has no color and no sex."

"I don't have pet peeves, I have whole kennels of irritation."

Things you might not know about Whoopi:

•  She was born “Caryn Elaine Johnson" on November 13, 1955. She got the name “Whoopi Cushion” as a child due to a problem with flatulence.  She later shortened the name to “Whoopi,” and made Whoopi Goldberg her legal name, honoring the Jewish side of her family (and, obviously, her ability to pass wind!  You gotta love the Ungirdledness of that!) 

•  She’s been diagnosed as having both dyslexia and ADHD.

•  Before making it big in the entertainment industry, Whoopi worked as a bricklayer, a make-up artist at a mortuary and a bank teller.

Click here for a small taste of Whoopi's Ungirdled style during a recent interview on The View in which she (rightfully, it seems) calls Glenn Beck “a lying sack of dog mess.”  You can't get a whole lot more Ungirdled than that.  

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