Thursday, May 7, 2009

Welcome To Ungirdled Passion!

            I am so pleased for you to meet my blog!  I decided to do this blog, not because I think I am hot shit personally have something special to say.  It’s that I think most women around my age have lots of interesting things to say.  Women of a certain age have a lot of wisdom to share, and seem more relaxed and ready to have some fun.  That sent my blogological clock ticking.

        Truth is, I loved this blog before it was ever born.  I named it and anxiously awaited its arrival.  Sure, I put on a few pounds while it was incubating, but the weight gain actually started before conception – about the time most of my estrogen ran off with my skin’s elasticity.  This baby’s recently robbed me of a lot of sleep, too, but so have the hot flashes.

          This is how Ungirdled Passion was conceived:  my partner and I, (Vicki Bruner, artist extraordinaire who is responsible for the ungirdled gal which graces this blog’s header) were in love…with the debut of our greeting card line “Broad Appeal” (see “Broad Appeal” products at a short while back when a publisher contacted us about turning the line’s concept (basically, women of a certain age laughing at life) into a book.  (I write the cards; Vicki does her illustrating magic on them.) We were swept off our feet, and quickly came up with the proposal and submitted to the publisher’s desires.  Then we waited.  And waited.  AND WAITED. We called the publisher to see why we hadn’t heard from her.  Seems she wasn’t really interested in a commitment after all.  We were just playthings to her.  Basically, a one night stand.  Too late for us, though; the baby had been conceived – even named.  As I learned more about blogs and my blogological clock ticked louder, I thought it was time to thaw this embryo-on-ice and stick her in the oven.  Like the octomom, I’m not going to let anything fertilized of mine go unborn!  At my age, good ideas (and good eggs) are becoming more rare!  The publisher had convinced me I could come up with a book.  I convinced myself I could turn the concept into a blog.

              I know some may ask, “Does the world really need another blog?” and, “Isn’t the world wide web blog population out of control?”  I ask those skeptics, “Who are we to decide which blog lives and which blog goes?  Isn’t that really up to God?”  Who knows what this blog might grow up to be?  Maybe this will be the blog to discover the long-anticipated cure for boredom.

           You might be curious about the sex.  The truth is, I really don’t care about the sex.  The important thing is that it’s a healthy, happy blog.  That said, sex will be mentioned from time to time.

          Now about the blog’s name.  I was tempted to name it "I Really Don't Think I'm Hot Shit," but I chose “Ungirdled Passion,” because I’ve noticed that as we women reach a “certain age,” we seem to relax more and gain the confidence and freedom to truly be ourselves.  We no longer feel the need to keep things penned in – our wisdom, our emotions, our dreams and desires, and most of all, our stomachs.  Our bellies are symbolic of the trials and triumphs of our lives and the subsequent lessons gained from them.  They’ve stomached demanding bosses, judgmental mothers-in-law, sassy teenagers, and unreasonable landlords. They’ve also housed precious babies. 

          A woman living with Ungirdled Passion realizes her experience and gut instincts are the only foundations she needs.  She’s shed her societal girdles as well as any nylon ones.  She realizes the only way to truly live is on her own terms.  She knows those terms may be different for everyone, and that’s OK!  Actually, it’s fantastic! I hope Ungirdled Passion will be a place you’ll come to let your hair down, to share stories, tips, and strategies while celebrating the strength, the wisdom and special sisterhood of Ungirdled Women!

            You’ll be glad to know I’ve chosen to be a stay-at-home blogger.  I want to nourish this baby to its full potential, and, most importantly, commit to a job that allows me to sit on my ungirdled ass in my PJs.  I hope you’ll become a follower and subscriber and join me on this ungirdled journey!  My goal is to provide something new each weekday.  Here’s the planned schedule: 

Mondays - the week’s main post. 

Tuesdays - the Ungirdled Celebrity Of The Week.  

Wednesdays – the Ungirdled Recipe of the week.  

Thursdays -  Ungirdled Tune of the week.  

Fridays - anything goes.  Could be an Ungirdled rant, rave, shopping tip or poll.

           Please let me know what you think and feel free to share any of your ideas, recipes or stories here! (leave a comment below or email me: Please don't forget to become a follower and subscriber!  (see controls on the left)  Thanks for visiting!


  1. wow i am the first to post a comment. I look forward to reading and following your blog as much as i love ur cards.. good luck. and you can follow my culinary highs and lows at

  2. Thank YOU! I didn't know you had a blog, too! I may call on you with questions! Thanks!